Limestone Link and Cotswold Way

Height Gain:
Possible Starting Points:Cold Ashton

This walk combines two long-distance paths through two of the most picturesque valleys to the East of Bath.

The route starts from Cold Ashton, a small hidden village where the A46 meets the A420, and descends to the Monkswood Reservoir via the Limestone Link path. This is a wonderful section and is a silent walk through the valley with the rolling hills on either side. (The cover image for this walk is taken halfway down the valley.

The walk then heads uphill past the Monkswood Reservior and up towards the A46. Once over the A46 the walk descends to Tadwck, past Torneys Court Farm and then picks up the Cotswold Way.

Again during this section of the walk, the silence is noticeable and the stunning houses of Hill Farm and Hamswell house point back to a different era in Bath.

A final road stretch climbs back up the top of the hill and takes you back to the center of Cold Ashton.

We loved this walk but what did you think?

If you have completed this walk please leave your comments and top tips to help other walkers get the best out of this walk.  Thank you in advance for your help!


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