Solsbury Hill and Charmy Down Walk

Height Gain:
Possible Starting Points:Batheaston

Charmy down is a great place to walk but there are very few ways to the top from the Batheaston side that do not require a heart-thumping steep hill. This is the easiest way up Charmy Down and uses a private road that gently ascends the hill and takes you right to the heart of Charmy Down.

The walk starts at Batheaston Car Park and walks through the pretty village of Northend. Turning left up Severn Acres Lane, you can either take the direct steep route up the fields or the easier route of continuing around Severn Acres Lane and then cutting up across the Hill. I prefer the second option as the views are much better and you get less sweaty!

Once at the top of Solsbury you must stop to take in the beautiful view of Bath next to the Trig point before descending slightly down the other side and heading on a straight line until you get to the private road.

gently stroll up the private road and continue straight onto the footpath once the road bends round to the right. pass under the base of the communications tower and continue until the path bends to the right. One this next stretch you can divert off the path and have a look at the old second world war shooting range and imagine what Charmy Down was like with Spitfires on it during the way.

Finally, head down Hollies lane either directly into the village or taking the path off the left halfway down (better views of St Catherine’s valley this way). Head down St Catherine’s brook into Northend and head back to the car park.

We loved this walk but what did you think?

If you have completed this walk please leave your comments and top tips to help other walkers get the best out of this walk.  Thank you in advance for your help!


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