Whenever I start a new project I like to start with the “Why”. Why am I going to spent time creating a website that may get no visitors or interest?

My main “Why” is simple. I need to make some lifestyle changes and improve my health and I need to make sure I do it every week.

Walking has always been one of my loves. Since my family went to the Lake District every Easter, my experiences climbing in the Alps as a Venture Scout and running the mountaineering Club at University.

But life gets in the way sometimes. Family and work commitments can leave us with little time (and no energy) to go for a long walk. We put it off and crack on to the next pressured activity.

Then one day something breaks – something that makes you stop and take a look at your life. For me, my health is fixable, others aren’t so lucky. When this happens your priorities change – it is amazing what a health panic can do to your original priority list!

In Jan 2022 I vowed to work less and walk more.

That probably sounds like a News Years Resolution to you but I arranged for work to reduce to 3 days a week and have formed a walking group on WhatsApp with other like-minded friends. One of my Non-Working days is now a walking day.

The WhatsApp group is an accountability partner that asks where the walk will be each week. I now also have a responsibility to you, the reader, who has kindly visited this website and read down this far on my first blog post!

Whether you are a dog owner, part of a walking club, someone who needs to make lifestyle changes, or just someone who wants to explore new paths, I hope you can find your own “Why” and take some inspiration and route ideas from my site.

Follow our “Walks Around Bath” Facebook group or Instagram Account to ensure you see the latest walks as I add them and get inspired to get out and Walk More.

If you want to know more about the power of “Why” then I can highly recommend the book by Simon Sinek “Start with Why